Adamant Blackfly Festival

About the Adamant Co-op

The Adamant Co-op is a small, community run general store and post office in an historic building in downtown Adamant, Vermont. It is a place to get a few groceries, pick up your mail, and find out what is new with your neighbors. It is also the heart and soul of Adamant village.

Why We Need Your Help

We are (just barely) able to keep the doors open with proceeds from store sales. The historic Co-op building is wonderful, but badly in need of repair. We have repaired rotted sills, floors and clapboards that rotted due to poor drainage. We have done extensive drainage work  All ten first floor windows were replaced with new same style but insulated windows which have screens as well.

We also had the shingles replaced on the front, new south windows for the upstairs. In a final touch for the year’s work, Dan and William put a little roof over the doorway. We're still working on updating the well and replacing the hand-pump with working faucets, and our next project is to save the post and beam barn which is attached to the Co-op.