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April 1, 2010

Eighth Annual Adamant Blackfly Festival, Adamant Co-op, 11-5 on Saturday, May 22, 2010
More fun than thought humanly possible!

Forget about fiddleheads, peepers, or maple sugaring. Blackflies are the real harbinger of spring in central Vermont.

And excitement is building as the residents of Adamant, Vt, a rural village north of the state capital of Montpelier, prepare to host the 8th Annual Adamant Blackfly Festival. The festival will be held at the Adamant Co-op from 11am to 5pm on Sat. May 22, 2010.

The festival has two purposes: to benefit the Adamant Co-op, which is the oldest food co-op in Vermont, and to have some serious fun celebrating the bug we love to hate.

Event schedule:
9:00 Pre-madness meanderings, as local naturalist Richard Czaplinski leads a leisurely walk along the shores of Sodom Pond - the source of the blackflies.

11:00 - General mayhem begins. Test your knowledge of trivia with Blackfly Jeopardy. Choose from fabulous grill items: jumbo hot dogs, chicken sausage, salmon burgers, black bean cakes and vegetarian chili, delectable salads, a variety of grilled meats, and baked goods.

12:00 - Blackfly fashion show. (Antennae optional.)

2:00 - Parade, featuring eclectic costumes, impromptu music, synchronized bug zappers, a red Ferrari, local tractors, livestock floats with four-legged fertilizers. Past parades have been described as “campy,” “a whole lot of fun,” and “the Macy’s Day Parade of the Insect World.”

2:30 - Pie contest awards prizes in Taste, Presentation, and Creativity. Judges include local political wonks and chefs from the New England Culinary Institute.

3:00 - Live music

The co-op will sell blackfly memorabilia including mugs, t-shirts, tattoos, bug bafflers (screened hooded shirts that make it possible to be outside during blackfly season), bug salve, and great food by local chefs.

To see a video of the festival:

For more information, including details on the 40 species of blackfly in Vermont, visit or contact Eva Gumprecht at 802 223-1772.