Adamant Blackfly Festival

16th Annual
Adamant Blackfly Festival

1313 Haggett Road at the Adamant Co-op
Saturday, June 2, 2018
More fun than thought humanly possible!
Questions?? Call the Co-op at 223-5760

Pre-madness meanderings, with local naturalist Richard Czaplinski—a walk along the <b>shores of Sodom Pond examining habitat for flora and fauna.

Marianne Donahue-Perchlik. Marianne has been writing songs for over 20 years, often inspired by relationships with her family, animals and the natural world. This spring she is releasing her Dreams Come True cd, featuring the many joys of family life in Vermont

The Crones Quartet. The Crones have been singing together for one or two or twenty years, depending on who you are talking about.  They are Cecile and Charlotte and Beth from Montpelier, Merry from Northfield, Cybbie from Worcester, and Liz from Greater Adamant

Come watch as solo cooks and families submit black and blood themed confections to hungry judges, who award entries for Taste, Blackfly Homage, and Artistry.  Slices of the winning pies will be sold after the event.

Create your own costume, or model one of ours. There will be a marching band, local tractors, and fabulous floats. Not to toot our own kazoo, but past parades have been described as “the Macy’s Day Parade of the Insect World!”

Umlaut. Umlaut is Vermont’s premiere Polk Rock outfit. Currently hailing from the Plainfield VT area, the three brothers von Umlaut bring the party with a dazzling musical performance that ranges from the cabarets of Weimar Berlin to the Rio Grande. They have a particular genius in converting rock classics to polkas


Rick Winston and Franklin Heyburn. Rick Winston has been playing New England and Celtic music since the early 1970s. He was a member of the Jack's Hill Contra Band, and is the accordion player for the Nisht Geferlach Klezmer Band. Franklin Heyburn is an accomplished fiddler in New England and Quebecois styles.

Blackflies all die.